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June Marie Hibbard-Tennison-Underwood

June Marie Hibbard-Tennison-Underwood

June Marie Underwood, was born December 15, 1928 in Houston, Texas and went home to be with the Lord on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. She was preceded in leaving by her parents, Reverend J. C. Hibbard and Lillian Bertha Grievy.

She is survived by her husband, Ronald Alwyn Underwood, her children, Don Tennison, Ronald J. Underwood, her daughter-in-law, Mary Alice Tennison, her son-in-law, Ron Smith, seven grandchildren, Ken Tennison, Ron Tennison, Kelli Heidecker, Kimberly Simpson, Jordan Underwood, Savanna Underwood, and Cayden Underwood, and seven great grandchildren, Rachael Tennison, Hannah Tennison, Lauren Tennison, Matthew Tennison, Chloe Tennison, Zachary Ward, Alyson Ward and Kaitlyn Ward.

June was the oldest of five children, J. C. Hibbard Jr., Dolores "Dee" Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson, Jaynell Hibbard-Songstad, and Darlene Hibbard-Walker. June and her siblings grew up testifying and singing on a daily radio broadcast with her well- respected father, Reverend J. C. Hibbard.

June had a successful career in the medical field for many years and also helped establish and manage two successful restaurants in Winnsboro, Texas and Dallas, Texas. June brought a spirit of excellence to anything she did and her management skills created a demand for her services long after she was of retirement age. June was loved and trusted by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Although she found success in many careers, her greatest joy came from being with family. She was known as "Sweetheart" to her husband, "Mom" to her kids and "Mee-maw" to all her grandkids and great-grandkids, but all agree that she was the best! June Marie had a passion for cooking and everyone who entered her home enjoyed her delicious meals. Those who would come over on a Sunday would feast on her family favorite: roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and her special "Hibbard Tea".

June Marie Underwood has left a legacy of unwavering faith in the Lord evidenced by her love for scripture, her personal prayer life, and her love and dedication to her family and friends. She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman.

Her father, Jordan Carl (J.C.) Hibbard, Sr., was a machinist, employed by a Houston company, Reed Roller Bit, and was in the middle of a difficult decision making time when June Marie was born. He had worked hard to establish himself in his trade but was now bothered by his motherís prayers.

It seems that she had dedicated J.C. to the Lord when he was very young and now was believing God to save him and call him into the ministry.

June Marie was a very sick baby and it was doubtful that she would live. J.C. had often told his mother that there were two things that he didnít want to be and they both were preachers.

Somehow through all of the sickness, bills and problems J.C. knew that if he would give it all over to the Lord that God would take care of everything.


After much prayer and soul-searching, J.C. told God that if He would heal June Marie that he would go into the ministry. Well, shortly thereafter, June was suddenly a healthy baby girl and so J.C. knew then where he was headed in life.

The years came and went and J.C. fulfilled his promise to God.  As June Marie grew up, she faced many difficult times as a PK (preacherís kid). But through mistakes then victories, she always loved and followed the Lord throughout her lifetime.  June, along with her brother and sisters, all worked in her dadís ministry.

As a young girl, everyday before she would go to school, she would get up with her younger brother and sisters and they would go with J.C. to radio station KSKY in Dallas, Texas where he had established his ministry and produced a radio program called, The Hibbard Family.

At 18, she married Ross Raymond Tennison and they had two children, Cynthia June Tennison-Heidecker-Smith born 1948 and Donald Ross Tennison born in 1950.


June worked as office manager at a storage facility, Texas Cartage Terminal & Warehouse in Dallas owned by businessman, A.D. Gearner. Gearner later built a motel and restaurant in his hometown, Winnsboro, Texas and asked June if she would move to Winnsboro and manage the business.

While June’s children, Don and Cindy were very young she moved as a single mother to Winnsboro and established The Trade Winn Motel & Restaurant. It became a very successful establishment where a Thursday night fish fry and other promotions would attract customers for hundreds of miles.

June moved to Houston for awhile but ended up back in Dallas in 1970 where she established a dinner club for another businessman named James Bond at a high rise apartment complex called The Top Of The Manor. June lived in the Manor House where she worked until 1975 when she went to work for Doctor George Balla where she was his business manager for 12 years until she married Ronald A. Underwood on April 25, 1979.

June Marie Hibbard-Tennison-Underwood

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June Marie's Story
by Ronald Underwood

June Marie was a PK (preacher's kid) that loved and trusted God. As a young girl, she lived her life in fish bowl-like surroundings as most PK's do. Her early life was under the very strict control of her Victorian-minded father who was a dedicated and well loved minister. Adolescent mistakes, caused many of June's early actions in life to be misinterpreted by some. June always refused to argue or defend herself in her own behalf. She trusted God to fight her battles and He always did. She grew to become a well loved and prolific wife, mother, grand mother and great grandmother and business woman with lots of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that all loved her. My life with June Marie was one that I lived in total amazement because we never once, had a serious argument, although we did disagree once, I forget why, while moving into a new home. We married late in life, I knew her for 42 years and we were married for 35 of those years. Her values were her ethics and she lived them daily.


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