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Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Hutcheson

Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson

Dee is the owner of DOLORES, INCORPORATED in Dallas, Texas, an interior and exterior design facility for commercial and residential properties.  Her projects range from local to international including single family homes, villas, apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels.

In 1960 Dee taught and counseled for various modeling colleges including John Robert Powers, Patricia Stevens Finishing College and Loretta Young Way Modeling.

In 1963 Dee became Director of the women's division of the President's First Lady Heath Spas and helped launch this exclusive health club in the Dallas market.  She led the organization in new membership sales for more than a year and served as figure consultant and initiated various health and exercise programs for some of Dallas' most prominent women.  Dee also planned the entertainment and social events to help promote the club.

She received national press coverage for a new and unique way to model men's fashion, was selected to present fashion shows at the opening of the Royal Coach Inn of Dallas and the Marriott Motor Inn in Houston.

In 1964 she was known as "Dee Of Dallas" and owner of a comprehensive promotion, production and modeling agency.  She not only directed television commercials and films, but appeared in numerous commercials and wrote, narrated, directed and coordinated a movie for Sinclair Oil Company featuring Dallas fashions and points of interest.

In 1968 she was the Administrative Assistant to James H. Bond Enterprises and responsible for screening various banking, financial, real estate and other investment proposals.  In addition, she supervised various social and charitable functions in connection with Mr. Bond's civic activities and coordinated the grand opening of the Dallas Fairmont Hotel benefiting the Dallas Civic Opera.

Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson

     Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson    Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson She attended Southern Methodist University and majored in Business Administration.   She's the Chairman and Hospitality Chairman of the Dallas Chapter of the American Heart Association, a Board Member of the USA Film Festival, Dallas Civic Opera, Dallas Ballet, a Volunteer for The Creative Learning Center, Circus-Circus and Friends Of Venice.

This involvement has allowed her to give back to the community as well as gain valuable experience and make numerous contacts around the world.  Dee has become acquainted with many celebrities including Henry Kissinger, Gregory Peck, Joan Fontain, George Stevens, Frank Capra, Jane Wyatt, Jean Arther and Cher.

Dee now resides in Dallas. Dee is the daughter of J.C. Hibbard, Sr and Lillian Hibbard-Ash and now resides in Dallas, TX. She has one son, Ed Elkins, who resides in Dallas, a sister, June Marie Hibbard-Tennison-Underwood, a brother, Jay C. Hibbard, Jr. and two half-sisters, Jaynell Hibbard-Songstad and Darlene Hibbard-Walker.

Dolores (Dee) Hibbard-Elkins-Hutcheson

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