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To create your own family tree to share with others, the Hibbard Family website and to invite other family members to add their information to your tree online, click Create My Family Tree.  You will be prompted to complete a login page where you will choose a username, password, a valid email address and other optional information.

Please note: Your new family tree account is not setup automatically and it may take up to 24 hours to receive your login confirmation.  And although most accounts are setup within only an hour or so, please be patient if it takes longer due to your account being setup manually once you submit your administrator information.

We will contact you at your email address once your Family Tree is setup and ready to begin entering names, dates, notes, photos and other information.  If you have a current GEDCOM (.ged) file you can upload all your family data within just a few seconds so that you don't need to enter each name, date, photo, notes, etc. manually.

When entering the setup information, enter a username.  The username you choose will also be used to identify your tree.  Choose a password you will remember, your name (private), and your email address (private) where we will send your login information.  All other fields for your setup are optional and will never be published or shared with any third party, spam company or advertising agency of any kind.

Have fun and let us know if you need assistance with anything!


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